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Blue Steel

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Tom: Definitely for Daniel, Rupert, and Emma, all three of them grew up superbly here. Especially Daniel, you won’t meet someone who’s better educated and better with his tongue. He can talk to any level of man, woman, or child, and make them feel comfortable.

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Hi new followers ♥ :3

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Is wear, if Finn and Kurt had a kid it would look like Rory. Perfect mix of derp and adorable.

Blaine and Kurt would be way much better daddies to him, though.

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A lot of people will do the same today, actually.

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Kurt’s going to be 30 tomorrow, guys.

I wonder what would be Burt’s reaction if he knew….

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20 ways to survive in a horror movie, Glee edition.

1. Don’t have sex.

2. Don’t go out with people you’ve just met that day.

3. Don’t go to camp. Especially one where someone was murdered.

4. Find a good hiding place and… STAY. THERE.

5. Always wear sensible shoes, ‘cause you never know when you’ll need to run through the woods.

6. If the town looks deserted, it’s probably because everyone is dead.

7. Don’t be a hero.

8. If you hear something creepy in the distance, like a dog’s yelp cut off mid-bark, don’t investigate.

9. Always check the backseat before entering your vehicle.

11. Don’t go into the basement.

12. If you’re trying to buy a house and the real estate agent won’t answer any direct questions about either the history of the home or the previous tenants, DO NOT MOVE IN.

13. Turn off the television (and run away) if a girl crawls out of it.

14. If the walls of your house bleed, do not attempt an exorcism.

15. Don’t act like a detective.

16. Google the location you’ll be vacationing at.

17. Don’t get drunk. Or come under the influence of any mind-altering drug.

18. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume it’s one of your friends playing a trick on you to scare you.

19. Don’t take a shower.

20. If the call is coming from inside the house, get out.

…they are all going to die

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If looks could kill Kurt would be a weapon of mass destruction.

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-Masters of the ‘bitch-please’ face ♥

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Chris Colfer. Police uniform.

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