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So like, we talk about how bow ties and hair gel and cuffed pants are Blaine’s fashion obsession


They’re the best thing on Blaine after a naked Kurt and I didn’t even draw all of his striped outfits but they should get a whole lot more attention yes yes

Companion to Kurt/hats

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This moment reminds me of that sex scene with Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

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Happy New year to everyone ♥

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lion!Quinn’s boyfriend


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-Blaine Anderson (Season 2 - Episode ‘Sexy’)

-Blaine Anderson (Season 3 - Episode ‘Hold onto sixteen’)

Considering how invested Blaine was in adding sexy moves to the Warblers’s performances on the ‘Sexy’ episode this scene had little sense. It was just to stir drama for the sake of it. Glee writers I suggest watching the other seasons before you try to write new episodes.

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I felt like the writers wanted to fix how much they fucked up Finn’s character in the last episodes by making him be the White knight that that come to save the day.

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For some reason, I would like to see Sebastian changing his mind and finding Kurt more interesting than Blaine. Thus, him hitting on Kurt instead. want it just to see Kurt’s reactions and Blaine either getting jealous or oblivious about what’s going on.

Kurt would be all:

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