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someone tell me when is it my turn? don’t i get a dream for myself?

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Kurt/hats (+crown hehe) due to popular demand! Companion piece to Blaine/stripes

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Hugh Jackman would be proud, Indeed

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Don’t push me, Hummel…

So, basically…this gif:

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It isn’t gonna be easy. And there’ll be some days when…life just sucks. But you’re gonna get through this. ‘Cause I’m gonna help you. And so is everyone else who loves you and accepts you for who you are. And if they can’t accept that, then…screw ‘em.
~ Kurt Hummel (On my way)
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The only thing I will say or post about the last Glee episode (because it triggered way to many touchy subjects) is that I applaud Max Adler and Chris Colfer’s performances.

They’re amazing actors.

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Because this is really getting out of hand

I really don’t care how many followers this cost me, but I’m sick tired of the Karofsky wank I’ve been seeing in my dash lately and I’m already unfollowing those people. You don’t like a char, a pairing, a scene? That’s totally right, people can have different opinions. That’s why the scroll bar exist and why websites and tvs have a close tab/off button.

However, I can’t stand those who are totally okay with Puck, Sue, Santana’s (and many other chars from the show)  bullying and condemn Karosfky’s actions. Yes, he was a bully, no it’s not right what he did to Kurt.

But he changed; he’s still trying to change. And all those comments about how horrible he is only tell kids that used to be bullies, or that are still scared of his sexuality and lash out like he did, that NO you cannot change, and omg how do you even dare to try to be a better person?  If you want happiness for Kurt or any other char, why not for him?  Even Kurt forgave him in the show. I’m not defending any pair here, I’m defending a human being that I think deserves a second opportunity.

If you don’t like that, up there you have the unfollow button. Thank you very much.

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Happy New year to everyone ♥

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I cant help but see this guy as a very cartoonish, very pink, version of Kurt/Chris.

….and Kurt and Blaine here:

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Kurt Hummel 2009-2011

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